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deleted deleted   •   about 6 years ago

Can't write to the Immediate Alert Service characteristic?

Whenever I try to use the V.BTTN Immediate Alert service I get an error indicating that writing to its characteristic is not permitted. Here are the details:

I definitely have the Immediate Alert service and characteristic UUIDs declared in my app manifest for usage permission. This is the Service/Characteristic pair I use when writing to the device:

// V.BTTN Immediate Alert Service

// V.BTTN Immediate Alert Characteristic

The value I write to the characteristic is a 0x01 to get the chirp only. When I execute that call I get the following error:

The attribute cannot be written.

Do I have to enable the service first? If so, what service and what characteristic do I use to do that? Or is there something I need to do with the client configuration descriptor first to enable writing to that characteristic?


  • Manager   •   about 6 years ago

    You shouldn't have to enable service/characteristic. Immediate alert service doesn't have nay client cfg descriptor so you don't need to do anything with that either.

    It should be similar to writing to FFF2..., just make sure that you're using service 1802 and characteristic 2a06.

  • Manager   •   about 6 years ago

    yes, they are correct.

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