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Declaring the V.ALRT button services in the Windows 8.1 manifest

I need to properly declare the V.ALRT button's Bluetooth Vendor/Hardware profile in the Windows Store App manifest as per this MSDN document:

This could very well be why I'm getting a NULL service reference. I don't know what UUID and other values to use for the different fields.

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  • Manager   •   about 6 years ago

    Hello roschler,

    I will try to help with this one, but take what I tell you here with a grain of salt since we have not developed a Windows BLE app yet. Looking at the possible manifest service types possible:

    We definitely have the battery service, but we also have other services including a proprietary service not listed. So I am not sure how Windows handles this. Actually it doesn't make sense to me why would this have to be declared upfront...since part of the BLE protocol is to perform a Service discovery, where each device tells you what services it supports. You do not necessarily know all the services a device support beforehand. Anyway, I digress! May be try declaring the battery service type, but knowing that there are other services in the V.BTTN.

    Please keep us updated, to try to help you as much as possible.

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