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Where do I download the API

The home page for this challenge says:
"all approved participants who sign up during the Device Sign Up Period will receive a free pre-production sample of the V.BTTN device and access to the API"... well I received the device so I'm assuming I was "approved". Now how do I access the API?

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  • Manager   •   over 6 years ago

    Hi MastaCarlos,
    In general, the API to talk to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices is part of the Android Platform 4.3 and above and also on iOS devices 4S and newer.

    The only unique portion would be the specific bluetooth profiles that have been implemented on the V.BTTN. The Developer Quick Start guide describes the profiles that are implemented in the V.BTTN. Some of the profiles are standard BLE profiles, and some are unique to the V.BTTN.
    A very good way to start is to use the demo applications from Android or iOS which have implemented standard BLE profiles, and you may implement the additional V.BTTN profiles described in the quick start guide.

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